Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Best

I have decided that I am going to, like Nephi, "write the things of God."  I want to keep an account of some of the spiritual things that happen in my life.  Every Sunday I am so completely filled with the spirit that I want to record what I heard and felt.  Every Sunday, I am amazed at how the speakers that are chosen seem perfect for their topic.  Truly our leaders are inspired. 

Today we had a primary program.  The kids are always darling, but honestly I have a hard time staying awake!  I really long for the "meat" of a regular sacrament meeting.  Everyone always talks about how much they love that program and that it is one of their favorites, but I struggle and feel like a terrible person for it!  Anyway, how is that for honesty? 

Sunday school really got to me.  We had a lesson on becoming more self reliant, temporally, spiritually, economically and physically.  We talked about taking care of the poor and doing more Christian service.  It was very thought provoking.  Our teacher asked some tough questions.  Such as what do we do with the beggars that seem to be on every street corner in salt lake?  Some undoubtedly need our help, but many, if not most are trying to feed drug or alcohol addictions.  So what do we do?  For me it comes down to trying to follow the spirit.  If I feel to give then I give.  If I don't then I don't.  But how do we really judge?  It is so uncomfortable to see them.  It is hard to even look them in the eye.  Mosiah said we should not withhold our substance from the beggar.  But does the Lord want us to enable dependent behavior? 

We also spoke of being more fully involved in Christian service. I want so much to do that.  I just don't know what to do.  It seems like there are so many options, too many, but I guess I just don't know where to start.  But I have decided lately that I don't really follow the prophet!  I think I do, but really, in most cases, I just listen to the prophet and say, "Wow, that was a great talk.  I really felt the spirit.  Wasn't that conference great?"  But I don't say okay, the prophet said to do this.  So I am going to write that down, and do it.  Or set a goal, or actually do it.  So that is why I have started to write again in my journal and I hope that I can keep it up.  I also am going to do some more Christian service.  So tomorrow I will:

Text my friend that helps the orphans in Bulgaria and ask for her address to send her some money. 
Call care centers and ask if I can play the piano for them.
Start looking on line for service opportunities.
Call a friend who I know is struggling

In Relief Society our teacher spoke of marriages.  She had a quote read that I really needed to hear.  It went like this:

There are those whose marriages are not as happy as they would wish, as well as those who have never married, are divorced, are single parents, or for various reason are not in a position to marry.  These circumstances can be full of challenge and heartbreak, but they need not e eternal.  To those of you in such situations, who nevertheless "cheerfully do all things that lie in your power" to persevere, may heaven bless bless you richly.  Seek after the ideal of forming an eternal marriage, including by striving or preparing to be a worthy spouse.  Keep the commandments, and trust the Lord and His perfect love for you.  On day every promised blessing concerning marriage will be yours. 
And then Kori showed a video.  I am going to try and attach it here.  It showed a husband who had Parkinsons disease who nevertheless, lovingly cared for his wife who had Alzheimers.  It was so touching I could not contain myself.  I started crying and couldn't stop.  I tried hard to control myself.  But when I got home I started crying again.  I can't even think about the video.  I really hope that someday, if I find myself in a similar situation, my husband will love and care for me like that.

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