Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Okay, okay already, I have decided to join the masses.

I have decided to start a blog. After all "everyone is doing it!" Actually, that is usually one of the best reasons for me not to do something! But I have a secret yearning to be a writer (Although I guess it is no longer secret). Only problem is that I lack the time, talent, and creativity that it takes to be a writer. Other than that, I'm perfect for it! I mean, I must admit that when I discovered Stephene Meyer and her fantastic Twilight series, I was incredibly envious. Totally green! How does a full time mother do that sort of thing? How did she get the time? The brains? The creativity? The story lines? It just isn't fair. Well, I don't think I can write books, or great stories or anything of that nature. But I decided I can write small anecdotes about what I spend most of my time doing and that is mothering. I have told my father lots of stories and every time he keeps telling me I need to write a book and publish my stories for others to read. Well, a blog seems like the easiest and fastest way to do that. And who knows, maybe I will write on other topics too! Maybe I will go completely wild and add a picture or two!

I have always had a love-affair with words. I majored in English Literature, and am a voracious reader (if you can be voracious part-time). Hopefully I can write something that will be of interest to some of you, if not, then I will have a few more journal pages to leave for my own personal legacy.


  1. Yeah, glad you are part of the blogging world!!! You really should write a book, you know, in your spare time!!! :-)

  2. Its about time!! I havent posted for so long! Sometimes we just get so busy!