Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Truth Hurts

On Mother's Day, my daughter's pre-school hosted a short program and invited mothers to come and watch. Among other things, they read entries from our children's journals. The teachers had asked the children questions and wrote their answers for them on a piece of paper. One teacher had asked my daughter when her mother was the happiest. Her reply? "When she puts me and my sister down for a nap!" How did she know? How had she sensed that what I really look forward to every day is that two hour block of uninterrupted time all to myself?! Of course I was very embarrassed. But not as much as another mother whose child's response to the question of what does your mom do during the day, was "Oh, she mostly watches t.v. and sleeps."

The next time I am invited to a Mother's Day program at one of my children's pre-schools, I think I will fake a head cold. Because the truth hurts!


  1. hahahahahaha that was hilarious!!!!! I think all mothers feel the same way, they just don't admit it. :-)

  2. I love it! This is great! What a perfect way to journal about your life. I love your fresh and real approach to motherhood. And it is so great to read about someone else experiencing motherhood similarly... an unpredicatable, un-glamorous,rewarding,disappointing,funny, exhausting,and sacred privledge. I will be a loyal follower.
    Welcome to the world of blogs! Love, Kathleen

  3. I love this story thanks for sharing. I agree sometimes the truth does hurt. Sometimes it hurts that you need to cry but, you don't. It definately heathier if you can laugh. Sometimes I'm grateful to hear the painful truth so, I can maybe make things a little better so, I don't walk around the same nieve way believe everything is ok.