Monday, April 25, 2011


Maybe I need to write my posts in pen or pencil first.  I just seem to write better when the ideas are flowing from my head to my hand and writing instrament instead of from my head to the computer keyboard.  I remember one summer I worked for a lawfirm where they insisted that I DICTATE my arguments onto a handheld machine!  They woudn't even let me type!  Try crafting a well read sentence, let alone a complete argument that way!  I just didn't have the brainpower to manage it. 

Anyway, I have to write about something that happened today.  I took my children down to the Discovery Museum and the Apple store (for the sake of my teenager).  We were in the Apple store playing with all of their fun electronic devices, when all of a sudden someone gave me a hug.  I looked up to find my dad standing in front of me!  Well, my dad lives in Ogden!  So the odds of my running into my dad in the Apple store at the Gateway at the same time as my dad on a Monday night in April are pretty much nil.  So amazing!  It was like seeing an old friend.  It is always good to see my dad, but seeing him when it was completely unexpected, well, it just makes it that much more fun.  He was there with my mom and my brother and sister-in-law.  So we had a mini-family reunion right there in the Apple store. 

It reminds me of the time my husband and I were in Portugal where he served his mission.  We were coming home from a busy day of sightseeing when we walked by the LDS chapel on our way to where we were staying.  Well, at the EXACT moment that we walked by, Luis Martines happened to turn around and look out the door of the chapel to see his old missionary companion (my husband), from five or six years ago.  Luis had just been introduced as the guest speaker for a baptism that was occuring at that very moment.  He literally called a "time out!" complete with hand gestures and everything and ran for the door to catch us.  My husband had no idea Luis was living in Portugal at the time and Luis had no idea we were there visiting!  In fact, my husband had lost track of Luis altogether.  After the baptism we were able to go to dinner with Luis and my husband was able to reconnect with a beloved companion.

I have decided that some things are just too coincidental to be coincidence. 

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