Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vertically Challenged

I think my children are "vertically challenged." What I mean by that is that they seem completely incapable of putting anything away if it has to be put away vertically. Things like books, workbooks, files, etc. They can throw it in a basket, drawer, or cupboard, but ask them to put it away straight up with the binding facing out, and they look at you like you asked them to move the moon.

My children also don't know what a hanger looks like. I keep telling them that hangers are those things that are triangular in shape and hang on a rod and that they are very handy for hanging your clothes on, especially Sunday clothes. But for some reason, they just don't recognise them. So they roll their clothes into a ball and chuck them wherever is convenient like the floor, the closet, under their bed, behind the dresser etc. I think it actually takes more time to do that than to just hang their clothes up, but I guess it is the principle of the thing.


  1. Wait till they become teenages they they are challenged in all directions. haha Love you post!