Monday, January 3, 2011

Save Money, Live Better

We had a hilarious family home evening tonight! Actually, it started out quite touching as I read a book called "There" by Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick about a litle child who wonders where "there" is and how long it will take her to get there and what it will be like. You are never told where "there" is. I asked the family where a place was that we all were trying to go, and of course the obvious answer was heaven, where we could live with God. I told them that one way we could get "there" was through the FHE program. I then read them a letter that a father who was a prisoner of war wrote to his family. He could only write a few words so he wrote what was most important to him. I asked each person to magine that they were far away from their family and could not get home. If they could only write a few words, what would they write that was most important to them. Well, after the grumbling, we came up with some precious letters. Sarah wrote "Jesus, I can make cookies in any wheathers." They we talked about a family mission statement. Dallin said "I know, it could be 'Save Money, Live Better.'" He said that is was Walmart's mission statement. I knew it sounded familiar!

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