Friday, April 29, 2011

Mother's Day Charity Event

I am giving myself a gift for Mother's Day.  I am going to the Mother's Day Charity Brunch benefitting One Heart Bulgaria, an organization founded by my friend Deborah Gardner, dedicated to improving the lives of thousands of orphans in Bulgaria.  You can scroll down below to see a video of the children.  See if it doesn't melt your heart. 

The speakers will be:
Garett J. White who will speak on “A deliberate and fulfilling life,”
Deborah Dushku Gardner, Mother of 5 and Co-Founder and President of One Heart Bulgaria – “Motherhood: A glorious (and messy and crazy) mission that reaches beyond home” 
Venko Cook: Former orphan in Bulgarian – “A Mother saved me.”

I am going and I am bringing a box of tissues.  I would love to invite any of you to join me!


The event will be held in Lindon and you can purchase tickets by clicking on this link. 

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